Designed to enjoy open spaces, this line stands out for the "Toscana" finish, developed and produced in our workshop. That make possible to combine all the furniture that makes up this collection, creating an atmosphere that mimics nature. Wicker, wood, rope and outdoor fabrics are the materials chosen when creating sofas, armchairs and loungers that make perfect match with bars, teepees, pergolas, rugs and hammocks.


This collection, made up of classic furniture pieces but with the personal touch of Elegant Frenesí, is preferred for formal and elegant celebrations. Weddings, social parties, protocolary and religious events, are decorated with golden wood, velvety fabrics, marble finishes and pastel colors that combine with the classic black and white. Our collection of dinnerware, dinner plates, napkins, cutlery and glassware are the icing on the cake to create a chic and fabulous style.


For this line we design furniture with straight lines and primary colors that adapt to all types of spaces and styles. Comfortable sofas and armchairs made with high-traffic fabrics, cocktail tables and functional support tables to facilitate the development of each event. Work meetings, inaugurations, activations, incentives or stands are personalized with the colors and logos of the different organizations.


The surprise factor is the key to this furniture line, pieces were intervened with details that glow in the dark with black light. Sofas and cushions with reflective fabrics, tables with neon acrylic tops and legs with fluorescent strips that light up when nobody expects it are combined with a bar that achieve the expected WOW effect.

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